The Defending Freedom Legal Fund (DFLF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering financial assistance to defray the cost of legal fees for American citizens who have been wrongfully persecuted to defend themselves against these unjust charges.

Wrongfully charged citizens, whether they have been arrested for peacefully assembling or have lost their jobs for speaking out, are now facing mounting attorney fees, which can be tens of thousands of dollars, to fight their case. Some have been charged, incarcerated, and denied bail, while others remain in solitary confinement. These Americans are being denied their basic right of due process with no lawful grounds for their detention.

This overreach by government is unprecedented and DFLF is committed to supporting those whose lives and livelihoods are now jeopardized and who now must defend themselves against their own government.

Exercising our rights to petition our government and voice our opinions should never be shut down by government intimidation and fear of being persecuted.

DFLF pledges to not forget our fellow Americans who are suffering at the hands of an unjust system which has resulted in their persecution and unjust detainment.